1st Nine Weeks

We’ve made it 25% of the way there! After our first nine weeks here at CFI we have been having tons of fun in PE.

All grade levels have been in their throwing and catching units for the last few weeks. We took a little break from throwing and catching to introduce our newest piece of equipment this year, our scooters! The kids were having so much fun on the scooters that we incorporated them into our throwing and catching activities to keep the excitement going! In grades 3-5 we’ve been playing a new game we created that we have decided to call Quiddich.

In grades K-2 we used our upper and lower body muscles to move on our scooters and are now moving into our overhand throwing unit with lots of fun activities to come with that!

See some pictures below from some of our exciting classes!


Morning Milers participation has been OUTSTANDING! We are already at over 10,000 laps as a school and only 100 miles away from our halfway mark for the year.

We have 2 classes who have reached 100% participation, Mr. Hass and Mr. Foote. Go 3rd Grade!! Still plenty of time for more classes to join the club.

I have gotten a lot of compliments from teachers about how awesome they think the parent involvement in morning milers is, so keep coming out with your kids and joining us for a few laps in the mornings. You’ll even make it onto our Fit Family Wall!!!

We are looking forward to an amazing 2nd Quarter 🙂

img_2574    quiddichimg_2579


First Few Weeks

We have been having so much fun in PE these first few weeks of school!

In grades K-2 we have been working on our locomotor movements as well as tossing and catching skills. We have played so many fun games including Color Toss, Hula Hoop Toss, and Bean Bag toss.

In grades 3-5 we have just finished up our Fitnessgram Fitness Pre-Tests. While these test scores are only submitted in 5th grade, we have been working hard in 3rd and 4th to practice and become accustomed to the tests so we will be ready in 5th grade! We have just begun our tossing and catching unit for 3-5 and have started the unit off with H Ball! The kids seems to be having a blast with it and are implementing math to figure out effective game play strategies.

Morning Milers has been a massive success. We have over 1,000 miles total for the school thus far and have students already reaching marathon (26.2 miles) and half marathon (13.1 miles) toe tokens! We are well on our way to Alaska and reaching our 4,300 mile goal for the year!


Morning Milers Kickoff Week = SUCCESS

Last week was a fantastic start to our morning milers club! In only 4 days we had over half of our entire school join us outside to run in the mornings. That is 50% of our 100% participation goal for the year completed in just one week! How awesome is that?

We had over 125 students get their first mile and almost another 25 students get their first 5 miles! We even had some students run almost 9 miles total last week! I can’t even put into words how happy and excited I am with the turn out and work ethic I am seeing out at the track in the morning.

Mrs. Whitecotton’s class was had our highest mileage last week with 59 miles! Remember we have our yearly Stinky Sneaker Award for the class who runs the most miles throughout the entire year! 34 weeks to go 🙂

We will be handing out our toe tokens each week after Monday gatherings so be on the lookout if you’ve reached a milestone. Our milestones this year will be 1 mile, 5 miles, 13 miles, 26 miles, and then every 13 & 26 miles after getting your first 4 toe tokens.

Lastly, I would like to thank all of our parents and family members who joined us to run in the morning. It is so amazing seeing families exercising together. I love seeing so much support from our CFI families and can’t wait to continue seeing it throughout the year.

We are off to a great start… Keep moving everybody! Enjoy some pictures from our first week below…

Welcome to PE at CFI

Welcome everyone to a new school year of PE at CFI! I am very excited to be at such a wonderful school filled with amazing students!

I am new to the blogging world so will do the best I can to put as many updates and important info as I can on here for everyone to check in on and see. I will also use this blog to showcase what amazing things your children are doing in PE class to enhance their physical fitness.

We had out first day of Morning Milers this morning and it was great! I loved seeing so many students and even parents out there running the track with us. We will hold Morning Milers on Monday-Thursday this year so come ready to run in the mornings 🙂

Another addition to CFI PE that I will be doing this year is our Hall of Fame and #FitFamily walls. These walls are intended to showcase things our students are doing outside of school to keep up their physical activity and fitness. The Hall of Fame wall will consist of pictures from a sport or team they are on. Anything from soccer to tennis to fencing is wanted! Our other #FitFamily wall will consist of pictures of our students exercising with their family members. So the next time you go for a family walk, or kayak, or fishing trip snap a family selfie and we’ll put it up on the wall! Students can have 1 picture on each wall so get out and get active!

Information regarding all dress code, morning milers, active gamecocks, and fitnessgram testing can be found here

If anyone has any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to email me at caihunter@richland2.org

I look forward to a great year!!!